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The hardwood flooring Q&A

The room's floor is the largest square footage area, so it'll stand out and make an impression. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful, but they give the greatest return on investment by increasing property values. Moreover, prospective buyers will often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood flooring. Here, from Floor Depot are answers to some commonly asked questions.

How do I determine species?

This answer's a little more complicated than you might think because it comes down to your style and personal preference. You'll have hundreds to choose from but, right now, the most popular are hickory, maple, oak (both red and white version), cherry, and walnut. Ask yourself if you have any extra durability needs; all hardwoods don't have the same strength level. Do you like something more traditional and warm or contemporary and dramatic? Do you like a lot of knots, grains, and swirls or something more subtle?

In what room do you plan to install?

Is it sunny or dark or small or large? Is it a leaky, high moisture room, or is it dry?

The last question is especially important because that might be the deciding factor as to whether you select solid or engineered wood floors. The only difference is construction. Solid is one thickness and can be damaged by excess water, while engineered has a layered construction that makes it more stable and better able to handle water. It can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas where solid cannot. Both add value and can be sanded, but installation can be a little different. Solid is always tongue and groove, then nailed-down, but engineered can also be a floating floor.

People also ask:

  • Does thickness determine a wood's durability? No, but it does determine how many times solid or engineered wood can be sanded. Ideal for solid is ¾-inch, while engineered ranges from ⅝ to ½-inch. Thicker is always better.

  • Is acclimation necessary? For solid, yes. Acclimation is the process of leaving solid hardwood boxes unopened or placed on the floor, in the room in which it's to be installed for three to five days, giving it a chance to adapt to the new climate and eliminating the expansion/contraction issues.

At Floor Depot, we specialize in hardwood flooring, and we look forward to helping you find the best one for your home. Our San Jose flooring showroom features hundreds of samples from some of the largest manufacturers in the industry. We service the San Jose, CA area, especially the cities of San Jose, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Mountain View, CA, Santa Clara, CA, && Fremont, CA. Get your free estimate on wood flooring when you visit our showroom.